IUMS 2014 - Montréal, Canada

Topics, Keynote Speakers and Conveners




PPP - Polar Prediction Project (Description)
CONVENERS: Thomas Jung (AWI, Germany) and Peter Bauer (ECMWF)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Marika Holland (NCAR, USA), Peter Bauer (ECMWF) and Dave Bromwich (Ohio State U., USA)

S2S - Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction Project(Description)
CONVENERS: Frederic Vitart (ECMWF) and Andrew Robertson (IRI, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Gilbert Brunet (Met Office, United Kingdom) and Francisco Doblas-Reyes (Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences, Spain)

ODA - Observations and Data Assimilation

ODA - New technologies and observation instrumentation innovations: from urban to global scales. (Description)
CONVENERS: Susanne Crewell (U. of Cologne, Germany) and Johannes Schmetz (EUMETSAT)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Peng Zhang (CMA, China) and
Matthias Rotach (U. of Innsbruck, Austria)

ODA - Observations and their assimilation in global to convective scale models (Description)
CONVENERS: Roger Saunders (Met Office, United Kingdom) and Ron Gelaro (NASA, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Dale Barker (Met Office, U. K.)and Florence Rabier (ECMWF)

ODA - THORPEX field campaigns
CONVENERS: Patrick Harr (NRL, USA) and Chun-Chieh Wu (National Taiwan U)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Patrick Harr (Naval Postgraduate School, USA and David Richardson (ECMWF)

ODA - Observations and assimilation of atmospheric constituents (Description)
CONVENERS: Arlindo daSilva (NASA, USA) and Vincent-Henri Peuch (ECMWF)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Vincent-Henri Peuch (ECMWF) and
P.K. Bhartia (NASA, USA)

ODA - Ocean and cryosphere observations and their assimilation (Description)
CONVENERS: Peter Minnett (U. of Miami, USA) and
Dave Bromwich (Ohio Sate University, USA)

Detlef Stammer (MPI Germany)

ODA - Coupled data assimilation and reanalyses (Description)
CONVENERS: Dick Dee (ECMWF) and Oscar Alves (BoM, Australia)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Patrick Laloyaux (ECMWF) and
Suranjana Saha (NOAA, USA)

ODA - Data assimilation methodology and diagnostic tools (Description)
CONVENERS: Mark Buehner (Environment Canada) and Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN, Japan)
Andrew Lorenc (Met Office, U. K.) and Eugenia Kalnay (U. of Maryland, USA)

P&P - Predictability and Dynamical/Physical/Chemical Processes

P&P - Dynamics and predictability of middle latitude weather systems and their higher and lower latitude interactions (Description)
CONVENERS: Heini Wernli (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and
Sue Gray (U. of Reading, U.K. )

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Sarah Jones (DWD, Germany), Carolym Reynolds (NRL, USA) and Thomas Jung (AWI, Germany)

P&P - Continental convective systems
CONVENERS: David Parsons (U. of Oklahoma, USA) and David Stensrud (NOAA, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Isztar Zawadzki (McGill U., Canada),
Richard Rotunno (NCAR, USA) and Cathy Hojenegger (MPI Germany)

P&P - Clouds and radiation
CONVENER: Graeme Stephens (JPL, USA)

P&P - Tropical cyclones and tropical convection
CONVENERS: Johnny Chan (City University of Hong Kong, China) and Chris Davis (NCAR, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Kerry Emanuel (MIT, USA) and
Robert Houze (University of Washington, USA)

P&P - Sub-grid parameterizations for the atmosphere and ocean
CONVENERS: Christian Jakob (Monash U., Australia),
Martin Miller (ECMWF) and Andy Brown (Met Office, United Kingdom)

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Anton Beljaars (ECMWF), Axel Seifert (DWD, Germany) and Bill Large (NCAR, USA)

P&P - Stochastic forcing, Ensemble prediction systems and TIGGE (Description)
CONVENERS: Richard Swinbank (Met Office, United Kingdom) and Tom Hamill (NOAA, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Tim Palmer (U. of Oxford, U.K) and Munehiko Yamaguchi (Japan Meteorological Agency)

P&P - Atmospheric and oceanic composition (processes physics and modelling)
CONVENERS: Véronique Bouchet (Environment Canada),
Bernhard Vogel (KIT, Germany) and Alexander Baklanov
(U. of Copenhagen, Denmark)

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Vincent Huijnen (KNMI, Netherlands)

P&P - Numerical methods of the atmosphere and ocean (including composition and boundary layer at all latitudes)
CONVENERS: Jean Côté (UQAM, Canada) and
Christiane Jablonowski (U. of Michigan, USA)

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Hirofumi Tomita (RIKEN, Japan) and
Pierre Bénard (Mété-France)

P&P - Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC)
CONVENERS: Mitch Moncrieff (NCAR, USA) and Duane Waliser (JPL, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Andrew Majda (Courant Institute, USA), Steve Woolnough (U. of Reading, U. K. ) and
In-Sik Kang (Seoul National University)

ISS - Interactions between Sub-Systems

ISS - Land-Atmosphere interactions and water cycle
CONVENERS: Paul Dirmeyer (COLA, USA), Francois Anctil (Laval University) and Pedro Viterbo (IPMA/Lisbon University) and Christa D. Peters-Lidard (NASA, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Sonia Seneviratne (ETH, Switzerland), Vincent Fortin (Environment Canada), Jean-Christophe Calvet (Météo-France) and Raghu Murtugudde (U. of Maryland, USA)

ISS - Ocean-Cryosphere-Atmosphere coupling and interaction
CONVENERS: Stephen Belcher (Met Office, U.K.),
Diana Verseghy (Environment Canada) and Anton Beljaars (ECMWF) and Sophie Valcke (CERFACS, France)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Sophie Valcke (CERFACS, France), Michael Ek (NOAA, USA), Eric Brun (Météo-France) and Gunilla Svensson (Stockholm U., Sweden), Joe Santanello (NASA, USA) and Øyvind Sætra (MetNo, Norway) 

NPE - Numerical Prediction of the Earth system: putting it all together

NPE - Urban scale environmental prediction systems (Description)
CONVENERS: Greg Carmichael (U. of Iowa, USA)
Sue Grimmond (U. of Reading, U.K.) and Humphrey Lean
(Met Office, U.K.)

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS:Valery Masson (Météo-France)
Susan Grimmond (U. of Reading, U. K.)

NPE - Environmental Prediction Systems: Tropical Aspects (Description)
CONVENERS: Masaki Satoh (U. of Tokyo, Japan) and Jim Doyle (NRL Monterey, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Aida Diongue (SMS, Senegal) and Toshio Yamagata (JAMSTEC, Japan)

NPE - Environmental Prediction Systems: Mid latitude regional aspects
CONVENERS: Virginie Marécal (Météo-France) and
Jeannette Onvlee (KNMI, Netherlands)

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Stéphane Bélair (Environnement Canada) and Susanne Theis (DWD, Germany)

NPE - Environmental Prediction Systems: Global and medium-range aspects (Description)
CONVENERS: Florence Rabier (ECMWF) and Bill Lapenta (NOAA, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Martin Charron (Environment Canada) and Frederic Vitart (ECMWF)

NPE - Cross-cutting research on verification techniques
CONVENERS: Beth Ebert (BoM, Australia) and Barbara Brown (NCAR, USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Marion Mittermaier (Met Office, U.K.), Barbara Brown (NCAR, USA) and
Chris Ferro (U. of Exeter, U. K.

WHI - Weather-related Hazards and Impacts

WHI - Development of applications in the forecasting process
CONVENERS: Paul Joe (Environment Canada) and Dirk Heizenreder (DWD, Germany)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Hans-Joachim Koppert (DWD, Germany) and Robert Hoffman (IHMC, USA)

WHI - Improved understanding of the synergies and science-based needs of multi-hazard events (Description)
CONVENERS: Xu Tang (WMO) and Paul Davies (Met Office, U.K.)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Thomas Gerz (DWD, Germany) and Baode Chen (China Meteorological Administration)

WHI - Improved understanding of and techniques for decision making
CONVENERS: Pertti Nurmi (FMI, Finland) and Kevin Petty (Vaisala Inc., USA)
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Louis Uccellini (NOAA, USA) and
n Mylne (Met Office, U.K.)





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